Pastor Emmanuel Uba is the Pastor and co-founder of Gospel Missions International Church, a multi-national, multi-Nigerian-ethnicity church, with two other Nigerians from Yorubas ethnicity with whom I have worked, coexisted with relative harmony for 15 years.

Pastor Uba is gifted with spiritual gifts and humble with the knowledge that the greatest position with God and for the benefit of humanity is that of a servant, a role that that requires humility, knowledge, and the ability to put others first.

Pastor Uba is a team player, a quick leaner, listener with special grace as advisor and counselor and in this capacity has helped restore marriages, rebellious youths, businessmen’s and government officials in need of Godly and Worldly centered advice in professional or personal areas. An entrepreneur, Community Leader, Public Speaker, a Writer, Activist and Philanthropist with a personal view that Leaders must be humble, just, transparent and eschew vain Glory.

An OBIdient with passion for Grassroot mobilization and strategizing, appointed special advisor to the Diaspora chairman and among the seven persons Caretaker committee with authorization to setup Labour Party USA and support the OBI-DATTI movement

Pastor Uba is the CEO and owner of several businesses in Medical Health Care, Real Estate and Engineering design. Within personal educational licenses and qualifications to practice in these areas.

A husband to one beautiful wife of 27 years and father to three great children with conferred Doctor of Divinity D.D, BSN from Grand Canyon University and AED Phoenix College USA.